Founded as Tobin Design in 1999, our Architecture and Interior Design practice has been built on established client relationships and unique design industry experience. We have grown, matured and transformed through many challenging, successful assignments, drawing on more than 32 years of professional practice. Today, TOBIN continues building our practice as an award winning design firm with a concentration in planning, architecture and interior design for commercial, civic, cultural and academic clients.

Our portfolio is varied; reflecting a most diverse practice and body of work. Within each project is a unique and interesting story as we have striven to approach our professional work faithful to the unique vision, strategies and needs of our clients. We hope that you will enjoy exploring our work displayed in this website.

In our practice, we believe that the quality of our work is directly attributed to the high standards and character of our clients. We firmly believe that our best, most successful work, has been done in collaboration with clients who have a passion for creating and making a positive impact on their environment and the world. So, in the strategic development of our business we follow that belief by pursuing clients who we wish to serve rather than pursuing projects that we simply wish to design. Designing and managing a beautiful and functional project to completion is great, but making long-term friends and partners of inspired and inspiring clients, who build, is greater.

Website Content Disclaimer
All projects presented or referred to in this website represent the actual work product of Tobin, PLLC or of David S. Tobin, AIA, as Principal-in-Charge, Architect-of-Record or Project Designer. All statements or press releases issued by Tobin, PLLC or David S. Tobin, AIA are factual. Projects by Architects-of-Record or designers other than David S. Tobin, AIA are prominently credited to the Architect-of-Record or responsible designer.