Mellow Mushroom – Catalyst

Charlotte, NC

Client: Rockin Gelt, LLC
Year Completed: 2013
Project Team:
David S. Tobin, AIA – Principal-in-Charge; Lead Designer; Project Manager
Mimi Williams, AIA – Project Architect
Katie Jacubek – Interior Designer
Alexander Schporer – Intern Architect


Mellow Mushroom is a franchised casual pizza restaurant and bar with more than 150 locations throughout the US but concentrated mostly in the Southeast. Originating as the classic laid-back college town pizza joint, the first Mellow Mushroom was established in Atlanta in 1974 by three friends who were students from the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech.

Although the menu for all locations is the same, each Mellow Mushroom is intentionally unique in design from the rest. Perhaps the guiding design attitude for all locations is a nod to the “counter culture” style and social attitudes of the late 60’s and early 70’s. The Catalyst location, in uptown Charlotte, is one of three locations owned and operated by the Charlotte area franchisee. The design concept at the Catalyst is decidedly reflective of mid-century modern with a slant perhaps toward an aesthetic reminiscent of The Jetsons; playful and not taking itself very seriously.

David S. Tobin, AIA was Architect-of-Record and Principal-in-Charge for design and management.