Retail Apparel Store Concept

Client: Remington Arms, Inc.
Project Team:
David S. Tobin, AIA, Principal-in-Charge, Lead Designer
Carrie Schulz – Intern Architect, Designer


Retail apparel marketing and merchandising has entered a new era made possible by the internet revolution. The boundaries defining traditional “bricks & mortar” retail shops, mail order and e-commerce have become increasingly blurred. While there is no substitute for the experience of a shopper to actually see, feel and trying-on merchandise with the friendly guidance of an actual sales-person. The convenience, speed, and efficiency of on-line shopping is opening up new business and design opportunities that are re-shaping and enhancing the traditional store model.

Our client is a successful creator and marketer of a growing line of outdoor life-style apparel. Their product line has grown from an initial line only for men, to include women’s and children’s lines. Their business has successfully grown to a nationwide presence, carried primarily through a diverse network of outdoor and sporting goods retailers and through on-line sales.

We created a simple concept for a compact but rich shopping experience that would evoke the feel, touch, smell and ambiance suggestive of the Jackson Hole area of Wyoming, the actual creative headquarters of the brand. The shop is multifunctional as a traditional “try and buy” off-the-rack shop as well as e-commerce showroom, gallery and multi-media “window” on the American West.

Our primary goal was to convey, in a relatively small space, the romance, beauty and Bigness of the vast open spaces of the American West. Through an inward focus on materials, furnishings, lighting, original multimedia and visual merchandising, the shop patrons are meant to be transported, educated, entertained.