Project 17_061

Project 17_061 Massing Study

In the course of a year in our studio, we fill our time with any number of assignments for our clients that, by their nature, are confidential, lengthy or so preliminary that they’re not yet suitable for public display. However, when schedules allow, we will pursue “studio projects” for which we ourselves play the role of client. Within the past few years we have adopted several needy city blocks in Charlotte with special challenges and what we consider to have special potential for positive change. We treat the adopted blocks as a blank slate to explore ideas in urban design, materials, massing and detail. The work is a way to stretch the abilities of our staff, learn how to use new tools, examine building types and systems that we may not often work with and have some fun. Watch this blog in the coming months as another block, Project 17_061, undergoes some serious but playful analysis and study.